13 Requirements for playing online slots

13 Requirements for playing online slots

We are happy to bring you another one of the best article guides for online gambling. Here, we will give 13 conditions when playing online slot games. As you may know, there is no secret strategy in winning a slot game or controlling the outcome of this game. Since slot machines are designed with a predetermined number of spins, all you can do is pray that you might be lucky enough to get a reel spin.

Things to do when playing online slots

Slot tip 1: High value slots have a higher winning percentage
Contrary to what people believe, higher bets are better than using their small bets. While we recommend placing high bets more often, you still need to think about the chances when winning online slots.

Slot Tip 2: Check your eligibility to win jackpots while playing progressive slots
Note that progressive jackpots increase as more players play with slot games. In this type of slot, there is a required number of bets (usually higher -than -usual bets) that you need to qualify for the progressive jackpot. However, there are other video slots that do not require players to place high bets in the game. Some games allow situs judi online terbaik to enter a progressive jackpot using a minimum bet in the game. We advise you to place the necessary bets so that you can get a chance to win the progressive jackpot when playing slots online.

Slot Tip 3: Choose a game based on your goals and personality
Since slot games have a wide variety of jackpots, bonus features, rounds, and more, all you need to do is find the right slot game that you can play. Choose the game you like the most and feel comfortable playing. This way, you can find out which online slot games you win the most at agen joker123.

Slot Tip 4: Play within a set budget / stop playing once you reach the limit
Playing online slot games can be addictive especially if you keep winning. But sometimes, these wins will suddenly stop and players tend to bet more money in hopes of winning the game. What we are trying to say here is to advise you to avoid placing more bets to win. There are rules that state that a player’s budget to make a maximum of 250 bets will keep you in the game for three hours. This way, you can effectively limit your budget when making debt -free bets.

Slot Tip 5: Start playing with small bets
When online casinos use the phrase “prime the pump”, it simply means that always start betting with a small value and continue to play your way after getting to understand the slot game. There was one experiment conducted showing an increase in betting in his betting pattern allowing him to win once and lose four times in a game. Generally, the winning pattern of online slots is a 4: 1 ratio.

Slot Tip 6: Always play slots on the last row
While this is a common mistake as all slot games have a uniform payout percentage, playing a slot game on the last row will allow people to watch you play and can make your session with slots a little more interesting because you now have an audience.

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Slot Tip 7: Find a slot machine that pays big wins
To get big wins in online slot games, the most important thing you need to do is find a slot that pays players big wins.

Slot Tip 8: Find a machine that has Near Misses
Near misses is a situation where they only have one symbol missing to make a winning combination in the game. Finding online slot games with near misses will not guarantee you big wins but will add a bit of mystery in your game.

Things To Do When Playing Online Slots
We have discussed the things to do when playing online slots, what we give you next are the things you cannot do when playing with slots

Slot Tips 9: String Theory
While slots are not yet advanced, some fraudsters use a string around the coin while inserting it into the machine so that they can pull the coin when the device receives the coin. The good thing slot manufacturers do is to create more sophisticated coin receiving devices to make sure this strategy won’t work.

Slot Tip 10: Fake Coins
Slugs or counterfeit coins have been used in the past to save money when playing slots. This slug is just a round piece of metal with a stamp on it to mimic a coin. However, this method cannot be used today because there is more advanced coin recognition software for slot machines.

Slot Tip 11: Magnetic Power
Slot scammers used magnets in the 1960s-1970s to allow the reels to continue to spin until they landed with a winning combination. At other times, a metal rod known as a top-down device is used to block the coin slots in the machine, making these slots release free coins during the process.

Slot Tip 12: Insiders
During the fame of “Big Bertha” (a larger -than -usual slot), several people were arrested after trying to steal from the machine. A woman from the group went inside and changed the machine while the others blocked the machine so no one could see it. However, security immediately stopped them and arrested the group later.

Slot Tip 13: Cheating with chips
An engineer tries to cheat with a slot machine by placing a certain number of coins that allow him to get paid without playing many times. The software engineer was caught using fraudulent code.


In playing slots, it is reminded that it is best to play without cheating to win. With a good attitude while playing online slot games, you can enjoy the game and earn money at the same time. Here are some tips that can be very useful for players when gambling online.