A Guide to How to Play Trusted Online Blackjack Gambling

A Guide to How to Play Trusted Online Blackjack Gambling

The online blackjack gambling game is a trusted and best online gambling site game, blackjack playing is one of the most popular games today.

To play this online blackjack game is not difficult, it can be said that it is easy to accept for all groups.

It’s the same with other online gambling games like online poker. which is quite easy to play Agen Judi Casino Online and understand how to play.

The presence of this blackjack game is signaled to be able to compete with other online gambling games. such as online poker, baccarat, tiger & dragon, and others.

Blackjack offers distinctive features that are different from other types of online gambling games. although overall online gambling games have the same goal of forming a combination with the best and highest scores.

Online Blackjack

The blackjack game itself is a game that uses playing cards, this game is very unique compared to other online gambling games .

The final goal in blackjack game is to arrange the highest card value to get 21 points (blackjack)

Of course this one game is very different, because this game only needs to compare the value of your card with the card value of the dealer.

If your card value exceeds the value of 21, you will automatically lose, even though the dealer’s card also exceeds 21.

Now what if your card value gets 20, while the dealer has a card value of 19, yes, of course you will win, because the value of your card is higher than that of the dealer.

In the blackjack game, what you need to know is the determination of value, as I explained above. your card cannot exceed the value of 21.


  • AS = Value 1 – 11
  • 10, J, Q, K = Value 10
  • 2 – 9 = Card value equals the norminal value of that number.
  • Value of Blackjack (As, 10), (As, J), (As, Q), (As, K) = 21 Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack Online

In the blacjack betting table game you can play 2 – 7 people only. each player will fight against the dealer, so you can ignore the other players, you have to focus on your own game.

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At the beginning of the game the dealer will give 2 playing cards to each player, and 2 cards belong to the dealer.

after that the player will calculate the value of the card that has been distributed by the dealer, if the value of your card is enough, you can open your card, if the value of your card is still insufficient, then you can ask for more cards.

There is something you need to know about the terms HIT, STAND, Doubel Down, here I will explain it in more detail so that you can understand it.

Hit means taking 1 more card when the 2 cards you get are far from the value of 21.

Stand means that is against the card and do not want to add another card.

Double Down means to double the stake from the previously placed amount. Choosing Double Down requires that you take 1 card and are not allowed to take any more cards for the next round.

Split means dividing the card into two different halves with respective bets.

Insurance (Isurance) works when players and dealers get 2 cards: 1 for the dealer in an open condition. If the bookie ‘s face is the US, you can buy insurance for half the stake. If two cards from the dealer are worth 10, which means blackjack then you get twice the insurance cost. If the dealer’s two cards are worth 1-9, then your insurance is forfeited and the game continues as usual.

Surrender (surrender) that you can use to reduce losses because cards do not allow winning. If you choose to surrender, you lose half of your stake.

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