Easy Ways to Deposit Top-Up Gambling Slots

Easy Ways to Deposit Top-Up Gambling Slots

Technological developments have penetrated all lines of people’s lives, including gambling games. Online gambling is popping up more and more, making the bookies compete to provide convenience in its various facilities. Among the conveniences provided is how to deposit on the online gambling site.

Currently, there have been many virtual money provider platforms, from which gambling agents use them to provide convenience facilities to bettors. How about you? Are you gambling on a site that is very easy to deposit? Or is it still very complicated?

If the conditions for your online gambling Bandar Sbobet Casino playing joker123 deposit pulsa are still complicated, then immediately switch to a site that gives you more convenience. Then how do you do it? Here’s an easy way to deposit credit slot gambling written especially for you.

An easy way to deposit credit slot gambling.

Deposit Via THIS

The first way that you can use is to make a deposit via the OVO application. This application is already scattered on smartphones based on Android and IOS. All you have to do is download it, install it, then register with your phone number. After your account is ready, you are ready to make a deposit via OVO. The method is also very easy, in detail as follows:

  • Log in to the online gambling site first
  • After you log in, look for the deposit menu
  • On the deposit menu you will be given several deposit options, either via account, paypall, choose deposit via Ovo.
  • After choosing deposit via Ovo then enter your deposit Situs Judi Slot Online.
  • Then click OK
  • Open the ovo application on your Hanphone
  • You will get a notification, in the form of a message whether you will make a deposit to the gambling site’s OVO account
  • Confirm and you’re done.
  • Check your deposit balance on the site.

Deposit Via Go-Pay

Gopay is one of the facilities provided by the Indonesian start-up company that pioneered the Gojek application. Go-Pay, it turns out, can not only be used to make Gojek payments, but can also be used to make other online payments. As for easy ways to deposit credit slot gambling through this application, you can see the following methods:

  • After you log in, choose to deposit via Go-Pay
  • After you click on it, then you are required to fill in a certain amount
  • Next, you will be given some kind of transfer code or it can be a barcode
  • The next step is to open your Gopay application
  • In the application you will see the Pay menu, select the Transfer menu.
  • If you choose via barcode, then after clicking transfer on the screen you will be asked to scan the barcode.
  • Point your phone to the web screen
  • When finished, your funds will be automatically deposited on the online gambling site
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Deposit Via Dana

Another application that is not inferior to some of the applications above is Dana. In this tutorial on how to easily deposit credit slot gambling, actually the basic concept is how to make a gambling player make a deposit as easily as he does a credit transfer. To provide such facilities, the gambling site presents various conveniences, including using various applications including this Fund.

Funds is an application whose features are not far from the OVO application, therefore the method of making a deposit on a gambling site via the Fund application is almost the same as depositing via OVO. So for the steps, do exactly like the OVO deposit guide above.

Deposit Via Credit Transfer

An easy way to deposit the last credit slot gambling, of course, must match the theme, namely the credit deposit slot. For those of you who are reluctant to install the three applications above, or still feel unfamiliar, then the easiest way provided by online gambling is to deposit with credit.

The method is very easy, after logging in, choose the deposit via credit menu, you will not be asked to enter your phone number as a confirmation step. Next, enter the nominal that you will transfer on the site.

After completing data collection on the site, the next step from the easy way to deposit credit slot gambling is to do the transfer process as you generally transfer credit to your friends, relatives, or lovers. Of course, the method varies depending on your provider.

After completing the transfer process, according to the data you fill in, the site will automatically detect that the incoming funds are from your phone number. If the data you entered is correct, the site will automatically enter your credit transfer in the deposit menu. So what you need to pay attention to when depositing credit is to make sure to fill in the data correctly, otherwise your money will go crazy.

Those are some easy ways to deposit credit slot gambling provided specifically for you. How? It’s getting easier, right? Let’s just make your first deposit.