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Guide How To Play Capsa Arrange The Right In Cemeku

Capsa Susun is a table card gambler, in this game you must have a good strategy, and must have speed in arranging cards.

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The card game that is played is based on the ranking in the capsa susun card game. This game is classified as quite easy to play by a beginner, because only basic knowledge is needed about how to play good capsa susun is needed to get started.

In addition, the stacked situs qq terbaik player at IDN Poker always brings up the unexpected, so that even a beginner can win in a short time, even when facing an experienced opponent.

When all the players develop their card strategy, they need to be able to put together the cards well and play tricks and calculations quickly.

The winner in this game is determined by the number of wins for each hand. A professional at capsa susun, before starting the game they must have mastered the existing card value combinations.

From this combination the players must be able to see whether their combination of high or low value cards can win this game.

In addition, the combination or combination of cards in the capsa stacking game at idn poker online must also make the players able to determine the combination of card tricks to achieve the highest value that comes from the three opponents. The combination of card values ​​in this game is similar to the combination of card values ​​in a poker game.

The Capsa susun game which is very popular today is indeed a card game that uses playing cards, just like poker. This game can be played by 2-4 people at one table.

The number of cards used is 13, according to the name “Capsa”. Later each player will be given 13 cards which must be arranged into 3 levels of cards to be played against other players.

The way to play this game is almost like online poker, except that in this game players have to arrange 13 cards into 3 card levels with 3 cards at the top, 5 cards in the middle, and 5 cards at the bottom. To further clarify the rules for playing this game, follow the following reviews.

How to Play Capsa Susun on Idn Poker Online

As the players arrange the cards, divide the 13 cards into 3 pieces as above. Make sure the ordering order is correct, i.e. the bottom row is greater than the middle row, the middle row is greater than the top row, and the top row is the smallest ordering value.

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If there is an error in the arrangement of cards, they will immediately be disqualified and considered lost. Card counting will start when the allotted time is up.

3 Upper Sections: A, J, Q
5 Middle: 4, 4, 8, 10, 3
5 Bottom: 7, 7, 2, 2, 6

Combination of Capsa Susun Card Arrangements


The combination of the first arrangement is Dragon which is also the highest arrangement in the capsa stack game, consisting of 13 Straight cards from A to K.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is a combination that has the highest order in second place, and is the same color and serial value, for example the 10-JQKA Shovel Symbol.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush is a combination that has the highest order in third, an arrangement with consecutive numbers and the same color and flowers. For example, Symbols of the Heart 3-4-5-6-7.

Four of A Kind

Four of A Kind is the combination that has the highest order in fourth, the arrangement of 4 twin cards and 1 free card, for example 9-QQQQ.

Full House

Full House is the combination that has the highest order in fifth, the arrangement of 3 twin cards and a pair of twin cards, for example 3-3-3-5-5.


Flush is a combination that has the highest order in sixth place, a line of 5 cards of the same color and series, for example a 5-6-9-JK heart symbol.

Two Pair

Two Pair is the combination that has the highest order in seventh order, a combination of 2 pairs of twin cards and 1 random card, for example 7-7-6-6-Q.

One Pair

One Pair is the last combination in the capsa stack game, the combination that is in the order of eight, a combination of the same 2 cards, for example 5-5-6-9-A.

How to Calculate the Latest Idn Poker Capsa Susun Points

– Upper threes will get 5 points.
– Full house in the middle arrangement will get 3 points.
– Four of a kind in the lower order will get 7 points.
– Four of a kind in the middle will earn 14 points.
– Straight flush at the bottom will get 9 points.
– Straight flush in the middle arrangement will get 18 points.
– Royal flushes in lower ranks will earn 11 points.
– Royal flush in the middle will earn 22 points.
– Dragons in the lower order will get 208 points.

If you can win every line (bottom, middle and top) of another player, your points will be multiplied by 2.But if you win all levels of all players, the points will be multiplied by 4.

So many articles about the Correct How to Play Capsa Susun Guide, I hope this article can provide insight for all of you, thank you