History of Football Gambling, Development, and Becoming Online Soccer Gambling

History of Football Gambling, Development, and Becoming Online Soccer Gambling

Who doesn’t like soccer. This sport that uses round skin media is a universal sport which almost all people in the world like it, from children to the elderly, men to women. This is proof that football is so loved. Well, this phenomenon is then used by soccer gambling bookies to become an intermediary between bettors who want to get a fortune from soccer competitions that will be or are currently being contested.

Each football fan must also have their own club or team that spreads in various competitions such as the English League, German League, Italian League, French League, to 4-year competitions such as the European Cup and the World Cup. And again, football bookies will not miss this opportunity to seek their fortune.

Talking about soccer gambling, not many people agen bola online terpercaya about the origins or history of this gambling. Even though this type of bet has been around for a long time and over time this soccer gambling has developed. That is why this type of betting based on the game of football is called the most flexible and adaptive type of betting.

Well, of course for those of you who may not know much about the history and development of soccer gambling, you must be very curious about how this gambling started and what its development is like, until now it is better known as online soccer gambling. Let’s look at the following information.

History of Football Gambling

Do you know, the first time the practice of soccer gambling occurred in the 18th century in England. At that time there was a student at a university in England who really liked to watch football matches on campus. Once he missed a match because he was more concerned with studying in the library because he was going to take an exam.

He then bet with his friend by guessing which team will win. His friend was also asked to guess the same thing. Whoever manages to guess correctly, he becomes the winner and there is a prize ready to be given to the winner. As simple as that indeed.

There are also those who argue that soccer gambling first appeared in the same century, namely the 18th century where at that time there was an English nobleman named Charles Duke de Chamberlain who became a pioneer bettor. When betting, he does not use cash, but valuables that are worth much more than cash. Call it for example gold, precious stones, and soil.

Charles is not alone. He invited many of his friends to enliven the ball gambling to be played. His friends were asked to choose which team would win the competition. Whoever manages to guess correctly, he is entitled to have all the objects at stake.

The facts reveal that fortunebet99 soccer betting seems to be favored by almost all levels of society in England. The game of guessing the score then developed and became very popular in the land of Queen Elizabeth.

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The forerunner of football gambling in Indonesia

Forerunners to the emergence of soccer gambling in Indonesia, there are quite a few versions. Therefore, there are no definite and valid sources regarding the history of soccer gambling and its development. But certainly, this gambling game has existed in Indonesia since the VOC colonial era. Although not as popular as today, soccer gambling at that time did exist, especially among the upper class.

During the VOC colonial period, soccer gambling was only held a few times, depending on the organization of soccer tournaments which were usually only held by the VOC. Oh yes, you need to know that the sport of football itself first existed in Indonesia when Indonesia was still under VOC colony.

The VOC brought this round leather sport to Indonesia. This sport is also played only occasionally, especially when there are special events. As a new game in the eyes of the natives, it seemed that this sports game could only be enjoyed by the VOC. Then before independence, which is around the 1940s, this sport began to be loved by natives, especially after the return of important indigenous figures who later became the founders of the Indonesian football federation, aka PSSI.

The Fate of Indonesian Football After the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

After Indonesia’s independence, various local soccer tournaments were often held. Some of these gambling bettors are landlords and other upper classes who have large assets. The practice of soccer gambling was at its peak around the 1980s when gambling was still legal under the leadership of President Soeharto.

Beginning in 2004, all kinds of gambling practices, including soccer gambling, changed their status to illegal status because they were considered to have injured the morals of the nation and ruined the future of the generation of the Indonesian nation. You, the 90s generation, must remember that at that time, SBY as the new president, strictly prohibited gambling. He together with the DPR then made legal regulations regarding gambling in Indonesia.

The impact of the enactment of this new gambling regulation is that the gambling business rate has decreased. Likewise with soccer gambling. The bookies then racked their brains on how to keep their soccer gambling business running and profitable. They then saw an opportunity thanks to the massive internet usage. They then take advantage of internet technology as a new medium to restart their gambling business.

Well, this is where we get to know a new gambling trend, namely online gambling. Not only soccer gambling that can be operated online. Almost all types of gambling games can now be run online. In fact, a new trend has emerged related to online gambling, namely modern casinos.