How to Play Bandar Ceme on the Idn Poker Site

How to Play Bandar Ceme on the Idn Poker Site

How to Play Bandar Ceme At Idn Poker Site, to start the game bandar ceme is actually very easy, because in the online game bandar ceme, you do not need to master a variety of special techniques.

All you need is intuition or instinct to play. You have to know when to bet the maximum and when to bet the minimum. You don’t even need to use any technique if you are in a dealer position.

On online gambling sites, ceme bookies are one of the most popular games after online poker gambling. Most poker agents will definitely provide this game as equipment, one of which is Cemeku.

But with all its popularity, there are still many who don’t understand how to play Ceme Bookie. For that, in this article we will explain in detail how to play idn poker in full from start to finish.

To make it easier, we recommend registering on an online poker gambling agent site so you can practice this game directly, comfortably and safely.

Stages of learning to play ceme online

To make it easier to master this game, there are several steps that you need to master, including:

  • Get to know the game of ceme city
  • What is the city of ceme?
  • Cards used in the city of ceme
  • Ceme city rules
  • Ceme city steps
  • Play ceme city at poker agent


1.Know the game of ceme city

What is the city of ceme?

Bandar ceme is a form of development or evolution of the domino game. Both domino qiu qiu (bandarQ) and domino ceme (city ceme) both have something in common. For more details, you can read articles on ceme dealers and bandarq which are similar but not the same.

In this case the highest card value is 9. if more than that then only the jersey number will be counted. For example, you get a 9 + 5 card, then the result is 14. meaning you are worth 4.

Cards used in ceme games

As said above, the card game used is a set of 28 dominoes. To get this card is very easy.

You can look for it at roadside stalls. And if you play Ceme online, you don’t have to buy a card at all. This is one of the advantages if you play online.

Rules for playing ceme online

To play ceme city there are some rules you need to know, among others are:

Both the dealer and the player will get two cards.

To be a city, there are minimum chip requirements that must be affected.

If the player card is higher than the dealer, the dealer must pay the player’s bet.

If the player card is lower than the dealer, the dealer has the right to withdraw the player’s bet.

When the city card and the player are the same, then the city will win.

Minimum player is 2 people and maximum is 8 people.

The game can only be done if one of the players decides to become a dealer.

Once you know the rules of ceme city, let’s get into the steps of playing ceme city online.

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2, Ceme city play steps

To play ceme online, it’s very easy for you to do. Here are the steps you need to take to play.


Make sure you are registered with an online poker agent site that provides dealer games so you can enjoy the game.

Enter the room

If you already have an account, please deposit and enter room.romm itself which consists of various options.

Starting from the room with the lowest minimum bet to a large room. You can adjust it according to your budget’s capabilities as shown below.

Make sure there are still seats left

After getting the room chosen, don’t forget to make sure there are still empty places to play. If it is full then you cannot play in that room. Please find another room.

Choose a seat

After getting a room, make sure you choose the right chair, because this also affects your victory.

You can choose to be a player. But if you open a new riim you can play in the dealer position. However, the chips you carry must meet the minimum chip limit.


After that, you will get a chance to bet. Please place your bet by clicking on the chip image in the lower left corner. There are several chip options such as 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k to 100k.

If you want to assign a different number, you can just click a few times on the chip. for example you want to install 57 thousand. then click on the 50k chip once, the 5k chip once and the 1k chip twice. very easy right?

Distribution of cards

This is the pinnacle of ceme city play guide. After you get the card, you can immediately open it or you can peek at the card little by little (pyrite).

To do pyrite, please pull the card slowly. And this is very fun because it makes you a little curious.

Those are the steps for playing Ceme bookies with ease. Now if you are interested in playing ceme bookies online then you must register your account on the online poker gambling agent site of your choice.


3. Play the dealer ceme at a poker dealer

To register at a poker agent, the method is very easy for you to do. Playing online and conventional ceme has differences.

In playing ceme online, you use the buttons to operate the game. The following is an explanation of the buttons in the Ceme game.

The main function in ceme online

The bet is clear

This button is used to clear your bet. For example, if you enter the wrong bet value and want to change the bet amount, you can use this button.

The last bet

This button works if you want to bet according to your last bet amount. So you don’t have to bother clicking on chips here and there. Just one click the final bet.

Taruhan Confrim

If you are sure of your bet amount, please click confirm bet to start playing online gambling.