Information on the effects of gambling on the brain, know to be careful

Information on the effects of gambling on the brain, know to be careful

Information on the Effects of Gambling on the Brain, Recognize to Be Cautious – Gambling has various effects on players; both in terms of financial, health, and so on. With the increasing number of cases of players who are addicted to online gambling, there is factual information regarding the effects of gambling on the brain. Recognize what effects may arise, so that you are still careful in playing.

Gambling is played in America: from enjoying to boredom but still playing

Gambling is a game of pitting profits. This is the reason nearly 80 percent of adult Americans gamble at some point in their lives; some because they are looking for fun, some because they need money, and some because they want to test the sensation of playing. But there are times when gambling becomes boring, even annoying.

Based on the information we got, until now, psychologists have not found the reason why someone is still playing even though it is no longer fun. Why do people play Agen Casino Terbaru at games that will obviously lead them to defeat? Are people worse off than us, so bad at placing bets on every game and losing in the end?

Dopamine Takes an Important Role in the Process of Online Gambling Addiction

One of the important things about gambling is uncertainty. This plays an important role in causing a player to be addicted to gambling. According to information sources from brain specialists, Dopamine, a hormone in the body, will be released when humans are eating, having sex, or taking illegal drugs. This hormone will also be released in the Agen Bola Sbobet when gambling, especially when the rewards are still unknown.


Studies show that the release of dopamine that occurs in the body activates the same parts of the brain when a person takes drugs. Apart from hormones, the player’s repeated habits will become a habit for the player’s brain. This in turn has the same effect as drug addiction, making a person hyper sensitive. Furthermore, there is a desire from addicted players to try new things, such as illegal drugs.

Chasing Losses Won’t Bring Good Change

It often happens, many players continue to play because they want to pay for the losses that they had previously. This then makes the player lose more, because after losing the player becomes less focused on the course of the game. In English, we call this case “Chasing Losses”.

In fact, this trend is supported by casinos with relaxing music, delicious dishes, and many other things that play a role in distracting players from the game. Casinos always try to take advantage first, only then will the gambling player decide how he will make a profit from the casino where he plays.

Based on the information above, gambling also has side effects on the brain. Make the player always feel like he is winning, even though he has lost in a row. For those of you online gambling players, you should still be careful not to experience these side effects.