The characteristics of online gambling sites that have bots robots

The characteristics of online gambling sites that have bots / robots

At this opportunity the admin will try to explain about BOT / Robot.

in everything related to technology and smartphones, it must have a BOT.

So first, we must know that BOT stands for Build Operate Transfer or what is called Robot. A bot is a creation that is deliberately made from a programming language to carry out tasks. Where he will carry out his duties in accordance with what has been planted in the program.

In the world of technology, you will definitely not escape the name Bot / Robot in addition to facilitating human work, it is also very helpful in human daily activities such as helping to promote your product from an application on a smartphone. How biased? Now in the smartphone application you can create a Bot where the task is to help you send messages in the form of promotions for your products, this way you no longer need to send messages one by one.

With the help of a bot, it is enough for you to give a command, for example sending a message, then the bot will send the message continuously until you give the command to stop. In the game, of course, there are bots made by the creator of the game. The point is to help us understand the game and also increase our ability to play the bandarq.

Whereas in online gambling sites there are several sites that use bots as mediation to increase the profit of the site by placing 1 or more Bot on each game table so that players who play on the site lose continuously. And sometimes given the opportunity to win with a ratio of 5% from 100%.

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So for those who want to play online gambling, please be careful when choosing a site. Not all sites use bots in their games, but there are some that use bots to work on their members’ money. Therefore, when you want to register, ask as clearly as possible. Don’t play bets where it is clear that you will lose.

And for those of you who have read this article and feel that there are a lot of oddities on the site, it would be nice to just pull out all the balances and play on other sites. Because if you survive you will also be difficult. Because when you play only a few% chances are you will win. Everything has been arranged.

And the characteristics of gambling sites that use bots in games are when they play and when they become a dealer they will continue to win .. and even if they lose, they only spend a few% of the total bet. And this bot will continue to change, as if it were a real player but it’s the same.

Therefore, when you are offered to play online gambling, you must ask as clearly as possible. Especially those that offer free chips or free depots, it’s nice at the beginning. If you still survive to play then your money will run out. It’s better to play with our own capital, and we manage our own money than managed by others we never get profit.