Unique, even food can be an online slot theme

Unique, even food can be an online slot theme

Unique, Even Food Can Be The Theme Of Online Slots – What is the first time you think of when you hear the word “food”? Of course there are lots of delicious dishes that cross your mind. How delicious it is to eat this dish and satisfy your appetite. However, have you ever thought that “food” can also be an inspiration for an online slot theme?

In the past, slot games used a standard theme which certainly attracted less enthusiasts. Now, with the increasing creativity of online gambling business players, the various types of online slot themes are also increasingly diverse. From TV shows, movies, popular games, to food, have now become an inspiration in making online slots themes.

The Best New York Food With Typical New York Fast Food Symbol

Slots With Fast Food Symbols

The Best New York Food presents online slot games with the theme of American-style fast food such as french fries, hot dogs, pizza and burgers. Shaded by BF, a gaming company that focuses on online slot design, this game is inspired by the richness of local cuisine in New York City.

With reels of five, and a variety of paylines of 20, this game provides many features such as playing for free and playing with other qq slot deposit pulsa players. The main prizes of this online slot are quite fantastic. No less than 7,500,000 coins can be claimed by the player if they succeed in bringing up five burgers on five rolls.

Food Fight Offers “Food” In The Form Of Ice Cream

Having five reels and 9 different types of payouts, Food Fight comes with lots of bonuses to attract the interest of many players. Taking the ice cream theme, Food Fight includes a variety of symbols which are the food ingredients you need to make cream pies or ice cream.

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Another attraction of Food Fight is the type of bonus it offers. For example, there is a bonus called Ice Cream Scatter Bonus, players can claim against this bonus if it shows a cone, spoon, and ice cream image on the roll. This bonus will reward you with 405 coins. In addition, there are many more bonuses that are a pity to Bandar Slot Online.

Ice Cream Theme On Online Slots

Ice Cream With Everything About Ice Cream For Online Slots

As the name implies, this online slot will focus on everything related to the best dessert of all time, ice cream. All parts of the ice cream are emblematic of this online slot, and it’s easy enough to stay concentrated throughout playing Ice Cream. Managed by The Art of Games, this game offers several bonuses such as free to play 6 to 12 times.

Inspiration can come from anywhere and for anything. Can be from ordinary things, to unique things. Online slots, which used to be simple games, have now developed with a food theme to attract players’ interest.